Kamala Harris, Mike Pence make final push to get Michigan votes on Election Day

Hear from vice presidential candidates in the video above

Kamala Harris, Mike Pence make final push to get Michigan votes on Election Day

DETROIT – Election Day is here. As voters hit the polls, both candidates in the race for president made stops on the campaign trail.

President Donald Trump stopped at his campaign headquarters in Northern Virginia to thank staffers. Challenger Joe Biden stopped at his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

In Michigan, the last minute push for votes continued with Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris making a stop in Detroit.

Although millions have already cast their ballots, many across the country and in Michigan waited until Election Day to fill in the bubble for their candidate.

On Tuesday, Local 4 spoke to both Vice President Mike Pence and Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris as they appealed one last time to voters in Michigan.

Harris made a stop in Southfield on Tuesday to speak with voters. Local 4 spoke with Pence at over the phone.

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Why would you make yourself available to voters?

“The path to the White House, and most importantly the choice about who will be the next president of the United States -- that choice is very much in the hands of Michiganders,” Harris said.

“The time for speeches is over. Now it’s time for the American people to vote,” Mike Pence said.

What makes the Biden/Harris administration so different from the Pence/Trump administration?

“Intend to be an administration that one, focuses on healing and repairing the country,” Harris said.

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