Wayne County judge accused of covering up son’s abuse of her grandchildren

Tracy Green’s son was convicted of abusing his children

Judicial tenure commission charges Wayne County Judge Tracy Green with misconduct

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Michigan’s Judicial Tenure Commission is pushing several judicial misconduct charges against Wayne County Circuit Judge Tracy Green, who is accused of trying to cover up evidence that her son, Gary Davis-Headd, was abusing his children.

“I still stand before you and say that she’s a fair jurist and fair person,” said Attorney Lillian Diallo.

Diallo has practiced in front of Green and is the Vice President of Wayne County’s Criminal Defense Bar Association. Diallo said she doesn’t believe the accusations made against Green.

“She has always been a professional. She takes her job as the judge very seriously,” Diallo said.

The dozen-page complaint claims that Green’s two grandchildren told her on numerous occasions of the abuse they were experiencing. The grandchildren reportedly said that they were slapped and choked by their father as a form of punishment, and had bruises to prove it.

The paperwork alleges that instead of doing something, Green would use makeup to cover up the marks on her grandchildren.

“I’ve represented her son before," Diallo said. “I’m very familiar with that case. When I represented him on that case, she stepped back. She did not interfere one bit in this case.”

Green’s son was convicted on two felony counts of second-degree child abuse and was sentenced to at least four years behind bars in 2019.

Local 4 has been told both children were under the age of 11 during the time of the abuse. It’s stated that when Green was asked about the abuse, she said she didn’t know anything.

“Understand that those are allegations. Anybody can say anything about anyone," Diallo said. “Of course (Green) loves her children. She’s no different than any of us. So let’s let this play out.”

The complaint also lists Green’s former daughter-in-law as another one of her son’s victims of abuse.

Green did not respond to requests for comment.

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