Novi family creates ‘COVID-Free Cafe’ inside home for Thanksgiving

Family got creative when it came to seeing family members

NOVI, Mich. – There have been a lot of discussions within families around whether to have Thanksgiving dinner together and when some of your loved ones are frontline workers, that decision is even more complicated.

As coronavirus cases continue to increase throughout the country, the CDC recommends staying at home for Thanksgiving.

Nov. 25, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 324,779; Death toll now at 8,761

A family from Novi came to a compromise. They put barriers in place to create what they’re calling a “COVID-Free Cafe” in their home.

“I am grateful that my husband is clever and creative enough to come up with a solution,” said Yvette Rickel.

This solution is made of plexiglass and plywood. After listening to experts, retired engineer Carl Rickel got to work.

On Thanksgiving, Carl and his wife Yvette will have their children and in-laws over for a meal -- two of which are nurses working among COVID patients.

The nurses are refusing to enter the house and will enter the COVID-Free Cafe from the backdoor, where they receive food through a contactless window and eat in shifts.

Yvette said this may have postponed her dreams to renovate her kitchen during this pandemic, but getting to see her family safely during this time is well-worth it.

Despite warnings, travelers take to the skies for Thanksgiving

The highest number of air travelers are expected to take to the skies since the onset of COVID-19 this week.

There is such widespread covid activity across the country, air travel is a real risk when it comes to spreading coronavirus.


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