Man charged after seen on video throwing dog down stairs at Riverview apartment

Police say suspect turned himself in Wednesday

Man charged with animal cruelty for throwing dog down stairs

RIVERVIEW, Mich. – Police said a man has been charged with animal neglect and cruelty after a Ring video showed him throwing a dog down a set of stairs inside a Riverview apartment building.

According to the Riverview Police Department, the man, identified as Jacob McMillan, turned himself in and was arraigned on the misdemeanor charge Wednesday. Police said he contacted them and admitted to abuse.

On Nov. 10, officers received calls about the video -- posted on social media -- capturing a man throwing the pit bull in the Riverview Crossings apartment building.

Police identified McMillan through witness reports.

A detective on the case spoke with apartment management, who stated that McMillan did not live in the apartment. Police said the dog is OK and was placed with the suspect’s family member outside of McMillan’s home.

His next court hearing is scheduled in December.

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