Metro Detroit small businesses struggling through pandemic as important holiday season arrives

Small business owners ask people to think small during holiday shopping

DETROIT – As small businesses in Metro Detroit struggle through the coronavirus pandemic, owners want people in the area to think small this year while shopping for the holidays.

After a lengthy shutdown and continuing as the pandemic stretches on, small businesses around the world are struggling to keep their doors open.

Saturday is “Small Business Saturday,” and it’s on everyone to do their part to help.

Kathy Hamlin Gay has owned Strictly Sportswear on Seven Mile Road in Detroit for 35 years.

“I really want to see Black people -- to have somebody that looks like them in business, somebody to look up to,” Hamlin Gay said.

The business has plans to expand, and she said it’s vial that Black residents continue to invest in the brick and mortar of their dreams.

“I think since we spend all the money, the African American market, we should own the property,” Hamlin Gay said. “It’s really sad we don’t. We should have all the businesses. That’s what my mom taught me.”

Shopping local is about more than helping smaller retailers. It’s an investment in the community, and Small Business Saturday is an effort to support local shops.

“It’s a community, so we focus on natural, local talent,” Cordial Expressions CBD owner Terri Lincoln said.

There’s a ripple effect. The Cordial Expressions CBD in Ferndale are supporting budding talent across Metro Detroit.

Like so many small businesses, the pandemic has taken a huge toll on profits, but by shopping at local businesses Saturday, residents can help make sure those shops continue to thrive.

“With the pandemic, things are slow,” Cordial Expressions CBD owner Vincent Roosevelt Towns said. “But we want to franchise all over the country.”

You can watch Priya Mann’s full story in the video posted above.

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