Michigan high school football teams get back to practice

Sports activity halted due to rise in COVID cases

Michigan high school football teams get back to practice

The season came to a screeching halt just before heading into the playoffs, but on Monday, weeks later high school football players will be back to practice.

It’s back to work for Belleville High School’s football team after the playoffs were put on hold due to the rise of COVID cases in Michigan.

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“I thought that was the last game with my team. Definitely a devastating time,” said Deion Burks, senior wide receiver.

Last week the remaining fall sports were given the green light to start practice this week.

“It was definitely like, are we playing? Are we not, if we is, let’s stay ready. If not then it’s all right,” said Burks.

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Head coach Jermain Crowell who just recovered from COVID-19 says the shutdown was necessary.

“But after catching it, I’m still saying, I wouldn’t want that on anybody,” he said.

He’s thrilled the Michigan High School Athletic Association will be providing more testing for the athletes as they finish out their season.

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