2 men cleared of murder file $160M lawsuit against Inkster detectives in case

Both men were cleared in 2002 murder

2 men cleared of murder sue Inkster detectives in case

INKSTER, Mich. – Two men cleared of murder have filed a $160 million lawsuit against two Inkster police detectives and the city.

Kevin Harrington and George Clark spent nearly 18 years in prison on murder charges. The men accuse the detectives of framing them for the shooting death of Michael Martin in 2002.

Last year, investigators determined that one of the detectives threatened a witness in the case. Both Harrington and Clark have been cleared of the crime and said they want justice.

“You took an oath in this office to serve and protect, but yet you did at whatever cost you had to do to get a case solved. That’s just not right,” Clark said.

“We’ve got to make sure that the light is shining so bright on this, that any officer, any detective who wants to do something such as this, he won’t because he will be held accountable,” Harrington said.

There was no comment from city representatives or detectives named in the lawsuit.

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