New GM logo debuts atop Ren Cen in Detroit

GM says new campaign will highlight its progressive vision for future

DETROIT – General Motors has a new logo atop the Renaissance Center in Detroit.

Watch the video above.

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General Motors is changing its corporate logo and launching an electric vehicle marketing campaign to reshape its image as clean vehicle company, rather than a builder of gas-powered pickups and SUVs.

The 112-year-old Detroit automaker has promised to roll out 30 new battery-powered vehicles globally by the end of 2025 and said Friday that the new campaign will highlight its progressive vision for the future.

GM said the industry has reached a history-changing inflection point for mass adoption of electric vehicles.

The campaign comes as stock market investors are enthralled with companies that make electric vehicles. Shares of global EV leader Tesla Inc. have skyrocketed more than 800% in the past year, and the company’s market value has passed $800 billion. GM’s shares are only up slightly in the past year and its value is around $61 billion.

Shares of GM were down 1.6% to $42.61 in Friday afternoon trading.

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