Metro Detroit county leaders express frustration with COVID vaccine rollout

MDHHS issues statement in response to concerns

DETROIT – On Monday, frustration grew as seniors trying to get vaccinated found out the wait may take longer than expected.

Some are putting the blame on the state saying recent changes made are no longer making seniors a priority.

County executives shared some of their concerns about the issue.

The vaccine rollout has not been as smooth as some would have hoped.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel is blaming the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and saying that the focus has shifted away from seniors.

The MDHHS has now allowed other essential workers to get vaccinated and Hackel believes that move wasn’t the right one to take.

There have been issues all over not just in Michigan and the rollout has caused confusion and concern for many.

Right now the best advice is still connecting with your local health department, your doctor or your hospital.

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