Detroit dog gets set of wheels to help her recover after being hit by car

Nibbles could someday be able to walk on all 4 legs again

DETROIT – Last month Detroit Animal Care and Control got a call about a puppy that was wedged underneath a car.

They thought the dog may never walk again, but now they’re optimistic about the puppy making a full recovery because it has a new set of wheels.

The puppy is named Nibbles. She was rescued from under a car tire in December.

“She was unable to use her back legs and she was in quite a bit of pain,” Dr. Patricia Bigwood said.

Detroit Animal Care and Control knew they needed to get the dog a set of wheels if she was ever going to move like a dog again. So they posted a fundraiser on Facebook.

“We can only do so much,” Nibbles’ foster mom and DACC employee Kelly Adkins said. “But the community steps in and makes you think like, ‘Alright, Troy.’ It’s really encouraging.”

The staff at DACC was encouraged when they raised nearly $1,000 for Nibbles to get a new set of wheels, which came in last week.

“She’s full of life and the good thing about dogs is they don’t have any of the mental barriers that people have to recovery,” Adkins said.

Dr. Patricia Bigwood said over the last month she’s seen signs that Nibbles may be able to walk on all four legs again because of the therapy the wheels have provided her.

Nibbles is still going through her recovery process but she will be up for adoption over the next couple of months.

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