Michigan lawmakers take on key role in fight against terrorism

Michigan has been home to militias since before it became a state

Michigan legislators take on key role in fight against domestic terrorism

WASHINGTON, D.C.It’s been going on in plain sight for decades, but since the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol Building, the fight against domestic terrorism has become a top priority.

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Two Michigan Legislatures are taking prominent roles in that fight.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin, who served as an expert in militias and terrorism for the CIA, announced Thursday she will bring that experience to combating domestic terrorism. She joins Sen. Gary Peters on what will be a new focus on homegrown terrorists.

“There are now more domestic terrorists open cases than foreign terrorist open cases,” Slotkin said. “The lion’s share are around white supremacy and advocacy of white supremacy.”

Slotkin outlined a bold agenda for the subcommittee on terror that she will now lead. It focuses on defining who and isn’t a terrorist, balancing civil rights and holding accountable the leaders and social media platforms that allow the rise of terror groups.

“We have been dealing with this rise of extremism and domestic terrorism long before Jan. 6,” Slotkin said. “In my district, in April, armed protestors forced their way into our capitol.”

“I raised the issue frequently as ranking member in the last two years in the Trump admin and did not get a response,” Peters said. “That will change.”

Both Peters and Slotkin pointed to Michigan’s strong domestic terrorism laws and hope their home state will be used as examples for both the good and bad as Michigan take the lead role in a national fight.

Slotkin has called for some kind of independent look at what led to the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building.

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