Taylor veteran offered tax lifeline after being swindled out of money

TAYLOR, Mich. – An American hero who had fallen on some rough times had a life-changing day.

Craig Ogden is a disabled veteran who was on the verge of losing something he counts on every day for his very survival and peace of mind.

Ogden got bamboozled and was swindled out of the money he had to pay the taxes on his Taylor home. It was all he had. He found himself drowning in debt before he stumbled onto Disability Network Wayne County Detroit, who stepped in to help.

Ogden was given enough money Thursday to pay back all his taxes and he was able to step into the black from a mountain of red.

Ogden received more than $4,500 to help handle his tax bill. The funding came from COVID Cares Act monies, distributed by the Disability Network Wayne County Detroit.

You can watch Paula Tutman’s full story in the video above.

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