Macomb County opens COVID vaccinations to people 16+ with medical conditions

People 16 and over with medical conditions, caregivers in addition to legal advocates now eligible

Macomb County has expanded COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include anyone over the age of 16 who has medical conditions.

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel said the county is ready and not playing any games when it comes to giving out the vaccines.

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That’s why they’re expanding the list of people who can get the vaccines in Macomb County. Starting Saturday, anybody 16 or older with disabilities can call and set up and appointment.

“Basically, what we did was decided that these people with disabilities and other family or caregivers and even their guardians at times have an opportunity to go ahead and sign up for the vaccine,” Hackel said. “16 or older. We’re working with our school districts, to identify folks who might be in those categories.”

Hackel said this is a huge accomplishment, but they’re still targeting senior citizens first.

“Our biggest concern was making sure that we took care of our seniors first and I tell you, we’re over 100,000 seniors here in Macomb County,” said Hackel.

But how do you determine who’s telling the truth about their conditions and who’s not?

“A lot of it is based on the honor system,” Hackel said. “I don’t know too many people who are going to take advantage of this and try to get on it.”

Of course, Hackel expects more people to call. There will be more calls and more appointments.

“We’re prepared and, again, I think we’ll be able to open up sooner to pretty much all people -- to anyone who wants the vaccine -- than probably the April 5 deadline,” said Hackel.

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All eligible individuals are encouraged to visit and click on the COVID-19 Vaccine Central link to verify and obtain all the necessary information to get vaccinated.