Michigan man remembers twin brother killed in Georgia spa shootings

Twin brother remembers Atlanta shooting victim with ties to Metro Detroit

Police are still investigating Tuesday’s shooting in Georgia that left eight people dead. Six of the victims were of Asian descent and seven were women.

Police said 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long suspected in the shootings was taken into custody in southwest Georgia hours later after a manhunt.

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“I would say I’m walking between reality and denial,“ John Michels said.

Michels is still trying to digest what happened to his twin brother, Paul Michels, 54.

“Is it reality? Not until I see the body. It’s like, do I want to believe or do I not want to believe it?” Michels said.

Paul Michels was one of the victims shot and killed in the Atlanta shooting. Michels said Paul Michels worked with security systems and was at the Cherokee County location finishing up a project when the gunman walked in.

“He was servicing their security systems. I was at work when my sister said call her. So I called her and she told me. I didn’t tell my boss. I just wrote him a note and showed him the note because I wasn’t talking to anybody for the rest of the day,” Michels said.

He did call the rest of his family to let them know.

“They’re handling it. We talk about it when we’re talking about the funeral plans,” Michels said.

Michels said the last few days have been tough, but that he’s holding onto the memories of his twin brother.

“I was here in Flint, he was in Atlanta. We would meet at Cedar Point and spend the weekend together. That’s what we did as brothers,” Michels said. “I’m at peace. I said, ‘Lord. You told me to forgive. I have already forgiven the man.’ So I’m at peace. I’m not going to tell a lie. My human side said, ‘No.’ But the Catholic side, he’s already forgiven.”

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