Frustration grows over month old sinkhole on Detroit’s east side

Nearby business closed because of sinkhole

DETROIT – Despite millions spent and plans on the drawing board the City of Detroit’s aged water lines continue to cause problems.

It now has one inner city business on the ropes.

The sinkhole at Dearing and Goddard is in the middle of the street and the drivers in the neighborhood have started using the grass to get around.

“There is a hole in the pipe that connects it to the public sewer...That hole is about 15 feet down,” said Palencia Mobley, deputy water and sewer director for the City of Detroit.

The mess is leaving Carmen’s Community Mini Market closed and up for sale. The owner invested her life savings into the business.

“It is heartbreaking,” said Carmen Montgomery, owner of Carmen’s Community Mini Market, while crying.

Crews are expected to come out to the site Tuesday and get work done.

“It is disgusting. It makes us look ugly,” said Montgomery. “It makes it look like we are not trying to do anything to fix this problem,” said Montgomery.

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