Bill passed by Republican-controlled Senate would trigger restaurant restrictions in Michigan

Bill passed by Michigan GOP-controlled Senate would trigger restuaurant restrictions

LANSING – Multiple state COVID data points are severe enough that under a bill passed in the Michigan’s Republican-controlled Senate, the data would trigger a shutdown of indoor dining.

April 8, 2021: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 723,297; Death toll now at 16,400

The GOP-controlled Senate has been an advocate for reopening the restaurant industry and it has decried the past shutdowns and restrictions as arbitrary.

The bill that passed the Senate uses a metric-based system for determining when to rollback dining density or even shutdown indoor dining entirely.

Under the current bill -- which has not gone through the House -- along with the current surge in COVID, it would automatically trigger a roll back to 25% density or a likely shutdown of indoor dining.

If the GOP bill is signed, things would be shut down.

The latest out of the Governor’s Office is that despite the surge in cases, no new restrictions are expected to be instated. Instead, they are pushing for more vaccinations.

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