Aide to Gov. Whitmer travels to Florida despite Governor’s travel warning

Aide was fully vaccinated, Governor’s Office says

An aide to Gov. Whitmer caused controvery after she posted family photos on social media of her and her family on a beach in Florida.

DETROIT – An aide to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer caused controversy after she posted family photos on social media of her and her family on a beach in Florida.

The aide was acting against Whitmer’s advice regarding traveling amid Michigan’s coronavirus surge.

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The photos of Whitmer’s Chief Operating Officer Tricia Foster in the Florida Keys were discovered Friday.

In response, the Governor’s Office said Foster is fully vaccinated and was safe to travel under both CDC and MDHHS guidelines, but the photos do come just days after Whitmer cautioned about traveling to Florida over spring break.

The CDC said fully vaccinated people can travel domestically without having to take a test before or after traveling, and that those who are fully vaccinated and travel do not have to quarantine once they return, but the trip is being called hypocrisy from opponents of Whitmer.

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Michigan Republican Party Co-Chair tweeted at the Governor that her “rules are so horrible” and called on her to “Open this state!” Michigan does not currently have a ban on travel, nor are businesses currently shuttered under pandemic orders. Additionally, Whitmer’s emergency powers were struck down in October and COVID decisions are currently made by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Foster’s photos seemed to have been taken down from her Facebook page. The Governor’s Office has not said if there would be any consequences for the high-ranking aide.

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