Sources say Detroit police Chief James Craig set to retire, considering future politics

James Craig appointed to position in 2013

Sources: Detroit Chief James Craig considering future politics
Sources: Detroit Chief James Craig considering future politics

DETROITJames Craig is set to announce his retirement as chief of the Detroit Police Department, according to sources.

Sources told Local 4 that a press conference will be held Monday.

Craig has been the chief of the Detroit Police Department for the last eight years. He was appointed by Emergency Manager Kevin Orr in July of 2013. He’s the longest running chief in the City of Detroit since Chief Bill Hart.

He came to Detroit after serving as chief of the Cincinnati Police Department for two years. Prior to that he spent two years as chief of the Portland Police Department in Maine. His career started in Detroit, where he was raised, in 1977. After there was a downsizing of the Detroit Police Department he joined the Los Angeles police force and worked there for 28 years.

Several news sources are reporting that Craig could run against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as the Republican challenger for governor.

GOP sources confirm Craig has had a meeting with several Republican donors. Politico is reporting he’s already had a call with the Republican Governor’s Association.

“It’s got a lot of people talking, it’s national news. Republicans from Lansing to Oakland County are excited about the potential news,” said political strategist Dennis Darnoi.

Craig has a press conference scheduled for 3 p.m. Monday, May 10, to announce his retirement June 1. It is unclear whether he will go in-depth on his future plans.

But Darnoi said he is a real contender.

“You see how excited people on the Republican side of the ledger are about the potential of him running,” he said. “There are other candidates out there running who have already announced who haven’t garnered as much attention in three months as this guy has garnered in three hours.”

Local 4 reached out to the Mayor Mike Duggan’s office who said the chief has not indicated to the mayor that he has made any decisions about his future.

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Sources: Detroit Police Chief James Craig to retire
Sources: Detroit Police Chief James Craig to retire

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