Detroiters find hope in opportunity to buy empty lots, post-demolition

Neighbors find hope in opportunity to buy empty Detroit lots, post-demolition

DETROIT – The city of Detroit is ramping up its Demolition Projects and getting rid of more abandoned homes throughout its neighborhoods.

“It did take me nine years to get this house knocked down,” said Marcea Walker. “That was a very long time.”

Marcea Walker lives on Prest Street and for years, she said the empty lot next to her was home to everything bad.

“It was a hazard. You know, with animals and rodents. It was just bad and keeping it clean, it was even more difficult for me and my husband,” Walker said. “We had to pick up stuff, take it where it needs to be done, when people did illegal dumping. Crime, that goes without being said.”

Recently, the city of Detroit demolished the home and cleared the land next to Walker.

The Detroit Demolition Department said the open lot provides neighbors with opportunity and hope.

“After the demolition is complete, the lot is available for purchase. This is what would be typical of a $100 lot for the residents, who live on either side of it,” said LaJuan Counts with Detroit Demolition Department. “After we’ve completed the demolition, we turn the property back over to the Landbank and then the Landbank sells the property to those who are interested in it.”

Walker said she’s definitely interested.

“I was already maintaining it anyway,” Walker said. “Get some grass over there, make it look pretty, throw some lights over there, just maintain it and make it look nice for the neighborhood.”

And that’s something, they all can be proud of.

More information on the Detroit Demolition Department can be found on its official website here.