Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau seeking to boost tourism

Bureau says it has already booked 5 conventions for 2022

Local tourism outlook gets a boost

DETROIT – After a year which COVID impacted the hospitality industry, signs of life are starting to show.

Claude Molinari, president of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, said five conventions have already been booked for 2022.

“I see demand for travel really growing in the next several months,” Molinari said.

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To spur that along, the convention and visitors bureau is aggressively marketing immersive specialty short trip packages.

“For foodies, there’s an overnight stay that includes meeting a top class chef and learning to make special dishes,” Molinari said.

The pit that COVID put the industry in is a deep. According to the Professional Convention Management Association. the United States lost out in $300 billion and $1 trillion globally.

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Detroit tourism seeks rebound after year lost to pandemic

Timothy Tharp has owned businesses in Detroit long enough to remember when parts of downtown resembled a ghost town. He’s also seen its resurgence with new restaurants, hotels and throngs of people since the city’s emergence from bankruptcy.

Then came COVID-19 and people stopped coming. Tharp estimates his three restaurants and bars have lost a combined $1 million since March 2020.

But now as vaccinations increase and government-ordered lockdowns and restrictions are lifted, Tharp believes the coronavirus pandemic could be remembered as just another hurdle the Motor City has overcome.

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