Dozens protest Black woman’s firing at Green Dot Stables in Detroit

Woman says she was fired after 2 people complained about her using term ‘light skinned’

Dozens protest woman's firing at Green Dot Stables

DETROIT – Protestors gathered outside the patio as guests dined Monday evening at Green Dot Stables in Detroit.

Christine Turner said she was fired after using the term “light skinned” while joking with coworkers.

As a Black woman, Turner herself identifies with the term “light skinned.” She said she was fired from Green Dot Stables after two white co-workers made a complaint.

In a statement, Green Dot Stables said:

“We respect the privacy of our employees and do not discuss personnel matters.”

On the first page of its employee handbook, the restaurant said racial jokes will not be permitted and that any employee who violates the policy can be terminated.

“To take a policy that was out in place to protect minorities and people of color and use it against a person of color because a white person was offended is a perfect example of white supremacy,” Turner said.

As families left after having dinner, about two dozen protestors remained near the front entrance.

“I’m sure Christine doesn’t want her job back but they should at least apologize, and make sure they, what I like to call ‘repent,’ meaning change your ways,” said Derek Grigsby.

On June 7, the restaurant issued a statement a statement on their Facebook page:

“At Green Dot Stables, our company’s strength is our inclusive and respectful environment for our customers and employees. This requires everyone who works at Green Dot to uphold our values concerning the treatment of our employees and customers.

“Recently, disciplinary action was taken against an employee for multiple instances of violating our written policy against harassment. When this private personnel matter became public, we were brief in our initial comments out of respect for the privacy of the individual and the remainder of our staff. This individual initially asked for communications to be made directly to an attorney, which we chose to respect. Unfortunately, during our silence, there have been multiple instances of harassment and threatening comments directed to other members of our staff.

“The current narrative regarding what happened is simply not accurate. During this employee’s seven shifts of employment, this individual engaged in a string of unprofessional conduct towards multiple employees of different races/national origins and sexual orientation. Despite counseling, the behavior did not change.

“As we have emphasized in the past (and will continue to do so in diversity, equity and inclusion training) any biases, stereotyping, or actions that create an intimidating, offensive or hostile experience for our employees or customers will not be tolerated.”

Green Dot Stables

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