Man stomps bird to death after Allen Park pet store didn’t give $30 refund

22-year-old man facing animal abuse charge

Deadly pet store attack in Allen Park

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – Critter Pet Shop has been a mainstay in Allen Park for 43 years.

Last week, a 22-year-old Dearborn man came into the store with a parakeet that he wanted to return.

The man appeared irate and wanted a $30 refund for the parakeet. Owner Michael Simms was behind the counter.

“I calmed him down and continued to tell him, ‘I’ll give you credit, you can get anything in the store and I’ll make sure the bird is OK.’ With how irate he was, I didn’t know how he was going to care for it. I was more worried about the animal than anything,” Simms said.

Simms opened the small carrier and sees the bird was injured. However, its wing was bloody, likely bitten. He told the 22-year-old that he would make sure the bird received medical attention.

Caught on camera, the man grabbed the little carrier, threw it to the ground and stomped the bird to death. Other customers in the store were shocked and furious.

UPDATE: Dearborn man faces felony charge after stomping bird to death at pet store

“I was shocked, I actually didn’t know how to react at first,” he said.

That 22-year-old took off, but Allen Park police said they were able to track him down.

The man -- who has not yet been arraigned, so his name is not being released -- is facing a felony animal abuse charge.

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