Group making plans for Juneteenth festival in Detroit

Holiday is time to celebrate freedom and equal rights

This year, a group of women are planning a special celebration in Detroit.

DETROIT – This year, a group of women are planning a special Juneteenth celebration right here in Metro Detroit.

They are looking for help to put this special day in the spotlight.

The group As in Heaven has been working on creating the Juneteenth festival in Detroit.

“To showcase that this is more than just about us. This is an American holiday and we want everyone to participate,” said Mikhaella Norwood, As in Heaven, director of programming.

Plans are in the works to have the festival in the same area where the Dabls MBAD African Bead Museum on Grand River Avenue in Detroit is located.

The sculpture garden at MBAD African Bead Museum houses 18 outdoor installations as well as the African Bead Gallery, N’kisi House and the African Language Wall.

There will be group dancing that people can engage in. The event is scheduled to take place Saturday, June 19 from noon to 10:30 p.m.

“The idea that I can celebrate the beauty of my race and you can celebrate the beauty of your race and we can still come together and unite under that,” said Alexis Whyms, As in Heaven director of production.

Though Juneteenth’s history is based on the history of slavery in the United States, Juneteenth shouldn’t just be about solemnly remembering injustices. It’s also a time to celebrate freedom and equal rights.

Juneteenth is a complicated, multifaceted holiday. Acknowledge the horrors of slavery and the strides that still need to be made, but remind yourself that this is a time to celebrate strong people and steps forward.

Staying positive attracts more people to the idea of celebration, and helps to inform people who might not otherwise observe Juneteenth.

How to purchase tickets

Juneteenth in the D has all of the information posted online about how to purchase tickets and additional information on location and times.

Volunteering for Juneteenth in the D

There is much need for festival volunteers to help the event run smoothly. Click here if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

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