Clawson mayor keeps position after rescinding her resignation

Officials say Reese Scripture could return because council seat vacated by mayor pro tem was not filled

Clawson mayor gets job back after resignation flip-flop

CLAWSON, Mich. – On May 4, Clawson Mayor Reese Scripture stunned the council by resigning in the middle of the meeting, citing frustrations with the budget process and claiming the administration had created a conflict of interest for her with her day job with the IRS.

However, Scripture rescinded her resignation 17 days later.

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The council had installed Mayor Pro Tem Paula Millan as mayor but had not yet filled the vacancy on council.

With Scripture wanting back in, the council sought an outside legal opinion on whether she could rescind her resignation. The opinion, as read to the council Tuesday night, was that she could rescind because that council vacancy had not yet been filled.

Scripture resumed her position Tuesday night.

‘“I still have to deal with an ethical conflict between this and my full-time job,” she said. “I believe a path has opened up that was not evident before I do need to consult with the city attorney before I speak further on that but I do believe there is a solution.”

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