Detroit investigates brown, rusty water from taps in eastside neighborhoods

No boil water advisory issued

DWSD investigating reports of rusty water in Detroit's east side neighborhoods

The city of Detroit said Wednesday it is investigating the cause of brown, rusty water coming from taps in three neighborhoods on the city’s east side.

Residents and businesses in the eastside neighborhoods of Cornerstone Village, East English Village and Morningside in District 4 are reporting brown, rusty water in their taps and toilets.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is currently investigating to uncover the cause. The rust color is due to a disruption in the water pipes serving these neighborhoods causing sediment to enter the customer taps.

Officials said boiling the water will not have an impact in this case.

Water customers in Cornerstone Village, East English Village and Morningside are advised to:

  • Check their faucet and if they see brown, rusty water after running it for at least two minutes to report it to DWSD by calling 313-267-8000.
  • Do not use water for drinking and washing clothes out of an abundance of caution if you have brown, rusty water after running your faucet for at least two minutes.

The city said there are no other reports of brown, rusty water outside of these three neighborhoods, and there are no other indications that make it necessary to issue a boil water advisory at this time.

Cornerstone Village, East English Village and Morningside map. (City of Detroit)

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