Report: Some used cars selling in 3 weeks, new cars even faster in Metro Detroit

New, used cars selling quickly in Detroit market as demand outweighs production

Cadillac Escalade (General Motors)

DETROIT – The cost of used cars may be on the rise in Metro Detroit, but those vehicles are still selling quickly.

In fact, both used and new vehicles are being sold within a matter of weeks in the Detroit market, according to iSeeCars.

The car search engine reportedly analyzed data from one million new and used car sales across the U.S. in June, finding that the fastest-selling new cars in Metro Detroit are being bought quicker than the fastest-selling used cars -- but both are getting sold relatively quickly.

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Their data shows that the fastest-selling new car in the Detroit market for this June was the Cadillac Escalade, which took an average of 5.6 days to sell. The fastest-selling used car in Detroit in June was the Mitsubishi Outlander, which took an average of 16.7 days to sell.

Here’s a look at more of the Detroit data:

Fastest-selling new cars in Detroit -- June 2021

Fastest-selling used cars in Detroit -- June 2021

National trends

Similar models are selling at similar rates all across the U.S., according to iSeeCars.

Here’s a look at some of the national car sales trends for June:

Fastest-selling new cars in the U.S. -- June 2021

Fastest-selling used cars in the U.S. -- June 2021

You can see iSeeCars’ full report here.

Just last week, the car search engine reported that used car sales are going up in the U.S. as automakers face microchip and parts shortages, slowing the production of new vehicles. The data showed that some used car prices have risen so high, they’ve actually become more expensive than their newer versions.

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