Man stabbed inside Detroit apartment complex; woman records aftermath

Victim expected to be OK; police investigating

Woman wants violence in Detroit neighborhood to stop

DETROIT – A woman living in the Mavor apartment building on Hubbard Street in Detroit is still in shock after seeing a man stabbed.

It was the last thing she was expecting to see in her building on an early Thursday morning.

“As I was getting out the shower, I kept hearing somebody say ‘Help, help, help,’” said the woman. “When I opened up my door, the man is just laying in front of my door bleeding half to death and it just freaked me out.”

After she called 911, she recorded what was unfolding before her eyes.

“Here’s a man just laid straight out. He’s clearly bleeding,” she said.

There’s no official word on the circumstances that led to the stabbing, but the woman believes it has to with other problems the building has been dealing with.

“I know this is a high drug-infested area, a lot of robberies. So it’s very unsafe,” the woman said.

She said that when the same safety concerns are brought up among other issues, management has done nothing about it.

“When I have brought complaints legitimately, it’s been ignored or I’m being retaliated against. I have not been able to get a moments rest whatsoever,” she said.

The man is expected to be OK.

Local 4 reached out to the landlord to talk to him about the incident and some of the other problems the woman mentioned. The landlord has not been reached as of Tuesday afternoon.

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