Wayne County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam targeting people for money, threatening arrest

Scammers posing as officers, officials say


The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of scammers posing as lieutenants or other officers in an attempt to collect money, even threatening to arrest people if they do not pay.

Officials the said caller would threaten to arrest for an alleged violation, instructing victims to buy a Green Dot or other type of prepaid card and “phone in the money immediately or risk immediate arrest.”

“Unfortunately, we see a lot of scams like this throughout the year where suspects scare innocent victims into turning over money to avoid arrest,” said Undersheriff Mike Jaafar. “It’s a ruse that we want to warn people about so that if it happens to them, they won’t fall for it.”

Deputies warned residents of a similar scam in January.

As for this particular scam, officials said people should know:

  • You will never be called by an officer threatening arrest for any type of violation unless you pay something.
  • Never give money over the phone to anyone you do not personally know.
  • Call the police if you continue to receive harassing phone calls of this nature.

“When in doubt, get the caller’s information and write down the incoming number on your phone in case you do have to report it to police.  But I can assure you, no one from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is going to be calling you demanding cash,” Jaafar said.

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