100 animals rescued from Independence Township home, 16 have died

Officials say Oakland County prosecutors to review, consider charges

One hundred animals -- including 16 dead cats, dozens of sick cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets, and a bearded dragon, were removed from “unsanitary conditions” inside an Oakland County home, officials said.

INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Animal control officers rescued 100 animals living in unsanitary conditions at an Independence Township home.

More than a dozen of them have died.

Original report: 100 animals -- 16 dead -- removed from ‘unsanitary conditions’ in Oakland County home

Local 4 was inside the Animal Control Center and was able to get an inside look at 100 animals from the home. Patrick Fanning with Oakland County Animal Shelter said they received a call on Tuesday for a welfare check at the home.

“We ended up taking  a total of 100 animals -- 82 were cats, there were four rabbits, eight ferrets and five dogs as well as a bearded dragon,” said Fanning. “It was very hot. It was hotter inside the house than it was outside the house.”

Unfortunately, 16 of the animals did not survive.

“Several of the cats we found were already deceased. Some of them died in transit and some of them died here,” said Fanning.

The case is under investigation and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office will review and consider criminal charges.