Police: Man smashes car window with bat outside of Wyandotte restaurant in road rage incident

Police searching for suspect

Road rager smashes car with bat outside Wyandotte Big Boy restaurant

WYANDOTTE, Mich.Police in Wyandotte are searching for a man who struck a vehicle with a bat in a road rage incident.

Police said that on Aug. 28, the man was allegedly upset because the driver in front of him was driving too slow. He then followed the driver in a Big Boy restaurant parking lot.

“They exchange words, the suspect actually exited his car and grabbed a baseball bat and the victim did not back down at this point. The victim continued to exchange words with the suspect. This causes the suspect to kind of call his bluff. So he got back in his car and he took off,” said Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton. “He goes inside the restaurant and shortly after that, when he’s out of sight, the suspect actually returns.”

The suspect takes aim at the driver’s car, smashing in a window.

“Ultimately if someone finds themselves in a situation like this, they should call the police. If it’s getting to a point where it’s causing someone to drive erratic or they’re getting very upset and it can escalate, they should call the police,” Hamilton said.

“We have to let things go, let roll off of us, and we have to do a better job as a society to control our own emotions.”

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