‘We need Jesus’: Proposed marijuana dispensary sparks debate in River Rouge

Dispensary would be sixth in the community

Marijuana has become a booming and legitimate enterprise across Michigan, but when a new pot-based business plans to set up shop, there's often some pushback.

RIVER ROUGE, Mich. – Marijuana has become a booming and legitimate enterprise across Michigan, but when a new business plans to set up shop, there’s often some pushback.

One of Metro Detroit’s smallest communities, River Rouge, has a population of more than 7,200. It has five marijuana businesses and now a sixth is under consideration. But some residents don’t want it to get the green light.

“I say no, no, no,” said Darlene Braber.

“Utterly ridiculous. Not for it, “said Marlon Green.

The debate of building another medical marijuana dispensary in the city of River Rouge is getting mixed reactions. With five already running, there’s discussion to possibly add a sixth one at Coolidge Highway and Frazier Street, which is feet away from the historic Panther Stadium.

“We have our kids activities every weekend, right across the street,” said Braber.

On Wednesday, people living in River Rouge filled a room inside of city hall to hear the Planning and Zoning Committee discuss if the business will be approved to be in the “Green Zone.” That means the business has to first meet certain criteria before they can be granted a license.

“I’m okay with Marijuana but not on the block,” said Gregory Gardner.

“It’s going to cause crime. All kinds of stuff is going to go on,” said Green.

“Who wants a weed dispensary? Our kids are going through enough right now. Try putting a church right there. We need Jesus,” said Braber.

There wasn’t a decision made because the business owner or anybody representing the business didn’t show up to the meeting. The committee tabled the decision.

But several people spoke during public hearing, majority of them were against the idea.

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