Can Michigan mother’s breast milk reveal who killed her? Husband’s trial begins this week

Officials say husband spiked woman’s cereal with heroin; testing of her preserved breast milk showed she was clean previously

The prosecutor says Jason Harris almost got away with murder. Full story:

The prosecutor said Jason Harris almost got away with murder.

Update Nov. 17, 2021: Michigan man convicted after breast milk helps prove he laced wife’s cereal with lethal dose of heroin

That is until his wife’s frozen breast milk turned this case upside down. Now, seven years after her death, Jason’s trial gets started with jury selection Tuesday morning.

What happened

Christy Ann Thompson Harris, 36, was found dead in 2014 at her Davison home. Her death was initially ruled an accidental overdose. But after further investigation her husband, Jason Harris, was charged with her murder five years later in 2019. Officials said Jason Harris spiked his wife’s cereal with heroin.

“She had no history of drugs,” said Kathy Mays, Christy’s mother.

Local 4 spoke with Mays back in 2019 when murder charges were first brought to her son-in-law.

“In conversations with her, there were things that were upsetting her (in the marriage),” her mother said.

It was Christy’s preserved breast milk that later would be tested by investigators to show the mother of two did not have heroin in her system.

“Rough, it’s been 7 years now of waiting,” said Stephany Arnould, Christy Harris’ friend.

Arnould said she feels terrified ahead of the trial.

“Terrified as you put all of this faith in 12 people you don’t know,” she said.

Kids left without mom

As for Christy’s children, they are now 12 and 7 years old. They split their time between both sets of grandparents.

“I’m sure its two very different stories, and I’m sure it’s very confusing for them,” said Arnould.

Evidence of an affair, a murder-for-hire plot, and competing testimony from brothers is expected to go before the court.

The small town waits to learn more about one of their own -- What really happened inside the home? Could Christy’s own breast milk reveal who killed her?

Jury selections starts Tuesday morning. The trial is expected to last two weeks.

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