Mother reunites with son after business owner rushes Oxford High School shooting victim to safety

A 15-year-old student at Oxford High School, Ethan Crumbley, was arraigned as an adult Wednesday on several charges in the fatal shooting of four fellow students, in addition to shooting and injuring seven other people.

OXFORD, Mich. – A father of a student at Oxford High School was driving past the shooting scene on Tuesday when two students asked him for help.

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One of the students was holding up another who had been shot in the leg. Despite concerns for his own son, John Parraghi, took the time to help the injured student get to a safe area and stopped the bleeding.

“When they waved me down I pulled over and the one kid said there’s an active shooter in the school and the kid he was holding up was shot,” Parraghi said.

Parraghi owns JP’s Piano Moving, which is near Oxford High School. Security cameras were rolling as they arrived at his business and Parraghi helps the young man out of the vehicle and into the building.

Once inside, cameras show Parraghi move the boy to a table and the search begins for a first aid kit. They found one and were able to stop the bleeding.

The shooting victim called his mother, who made it to the shop in five minutes. His mother rushed her son to the hospital.

Parraghi was able to contact his own son, who said he was in lockdown and safe. Parraghi said he feels he made the right decision by stopping to help the injured boy.

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