Suspected Oxford school shooter and parents to appear in court this week

Ethan Crumbley will have his first day in court on Monday, facing a whopping 24 charges in connection to the Oxford school shooting. Legal experts are saying this will be a case unlike any we’ve seen before.

“This one really in so many ways is going to be fascinating,” said attorney Neil Rockind. “We’re gonna see a 15-year-old go though a case without any support.”

This probable cause conference will be our first chance to look at the suspected teen shooter ever since the day he was arraigned for the murders of four teens at Oxford High.

“It’s gonna be our first opportunity to see what Ethan looks like when he’s in court. How does he act? How does he react? Is he stoic? Is he cold?,” said Rockind.

The case is believed to be one for the history books as Ethan’s parents… Jennifer and James, will soon-after on Tuesday answer to a judge for allegedly giving their son the murder weapon to begin with.

“Here, there’s gonna be no family support from anybody. Both of the Crumbley parents aren’t going to be able to support one another emotionally. And they’re not going to be able to assist Ethan,” said Rockind.

Since Ethan’s been in isolation ever since being taken in, there’s a chance he doesn’t even know his parents are also at the Oakland County jail. Court is set to start right at 1:15p.m. at the 52nd District Court.

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