‘They will flee if they get the opportunity’: Prosecutor argues bond should not be lowered for parents of accused Oxford school shooter

New evidence presented in court on Thursday

Prosecutor presents new evidence in case against parents of accused Oxford shooter.

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – New evidence has been presented in court against the parents of the accused Oxford school shooter.

Charges were filed against Jennifer and James Crumbley after their son, Ethan Crumbley, was accused in the Oxford High School shooting that left four students dead and seven others injured.

In the new filing, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald cited late house payments, alleged extramarital affairs and drawings made by Ethan Crumbley as reasons to keep the couple behind bars.

For the first time, drawings created by the 15-year-old suspect have been released. They include the words “blood everywhere,” a sketch of a handgun and a happy face crying with laughter. There are also the words, “my life is useless.”

Another paper has the phrase, “the thoughts won’t stop,” and the words, “I love my life so much” with a drawing of a bullet. Prosecutors said Ethan Crumbley scratched out another drawing of a gunshot victim near the words “OHS Rocks.”

It is all key evidence filed late Thursday by the Oakland County Prosecutor in response to James and Jennifer Crumbley’s attorney arguing that the bond for the couple should be reduced so they can get out of jail.

The prosecutor argued against a bond reduction and said the two are a flight risk now more than ever. Evidence indicates the couple was $11,000 behind on their house payment and allegedly involved in extramarital affairs.

McDonald said Ethan Crumbley was showing signs of deep depression and a fixation with guns for six months prior to the shooting.

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Officials have released more information about the Oxford High School shooting.

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