Ford brings new high-tech security system into cars and trucks

Ford and ADT developed a new idea to stop onlookers

Ford and ADT are teaming up to bring high-tech security on the road with you with their new feature called Canopy.

DETROIT – To you, this might look like a simple construction site seen in the video above, workers and their vehicles and equipment sitting out unsupervised on a chilly, sunny afternoon.

To a thief, though, it’s a lovely and abandoned burglary buffet and with billions lost every year to guys such as the guy who is eying pick-up bed content seen in the video above.

Events such as those prompted Ford to develop a better idea to stop onlookers, called Canopy.

Ford teamed up with the ADT Security Monitoring company to create a new company called Canopy that will make it all happen. The idea gets bigger as these cameras become more commonplace.

Canopy looks to connect area vehicles, in this case, Fords, to cameras inside and outside the cars attached to the ADT monitoring system.

They’ll use other technology like sensors and artificial intelligence to prevent confusing a bird in a tree for a criminal to avoid false alarms.

Mike Flatt from Clinton Township works in an auto shop and told Local 4 that he likes the new invention.

“I like it, anything that would maybe, your insurance would go down, I don’t know,” Flatt said.

That is an excellent thought. However, the system would likely require a subscription for monitoring.

Bob Mauro from Macomb Township also thinks the new invention is suitable.

“I think it’s a good idea because we have to keep an eye on things,” Mauro said. “You can’t trust everybody anymore.”

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