Morning 4: The real history behind Cinco de Mayo -- and more top stories

Here are the top stories for the morning of May 5, 2022

388842 07: A mock French Army prepares to fire small cannons during a reenactment of the 1862 battle between the French and the Zacapuaxtlas Indians as Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo May 5, 2001 in Puebla, Mexico. Mexicans celebrate their victory over France with reenactements and parades around the country. (Photo by Susana Gonzalez/Newsmakers) (Susana Gonzalez, Susana Gonzalez / Stringer)

Morning 4 is a quick roundup of stories we think you should know about to start your day. So, let’s get to the news.

Cinco de Mayo history: Why the US celebrates Mexico’s 1862 Battle of Puebla victory

On the fifth of May each year, Americans across the nation celebrate Cinco de Mayo -- a holiday often mistaken as Mexican Independence Day.

Mexicans actually celebrate their independence on Sept. 16, and Cinco de Mayo is not a national holiday in Mexico.

So what is Cinco de Mayo, and why is it celebrated in the U.S.?

Learn more about the holiday and its history here.

Lawsuit breaks down how longtime Michigan Kroger worker confronted shoplifter before being fired

A lawsuit filed by a woman who worked at a Michigan Kroger store for 31 years described in detail how she confronted a shoplifter and was praised as a “hero” by coworkers before being fired because of the incident.

Read the report here.

Police increase presence at Clawson schools after student ‘in crisis’ made ‘threatening’ comments

More police officers than usual will be patrolling Clawson schools on Thursday after a concerning incident occurred with a student on Wednesday, officials announced.

According to Clawson police, a Clawson High School student was observed talking to himself loudly and punching a fence on Wednesday evening. A witness reportedly said the student made comments that were threatening toward the schools.

Read more here.

Woman dies after falling into Upper Peninsula waterfall

A woman died Wednesday after falling into a waterfall in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan State Police said.

See more here.

Weather: Cooler Thursday with showers later

Here is the weather forecast for Metro Detroit.

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