Police increase presence at Clawson schools after student ‘in crisis’ made ‘threatening’ comments

Clawson High School student in police custody amid investigation

CLAWSON, Mich. – More police officers than usual will be patrolling Clawson schools on Thursday after a concerning incident occurred with a student on Wednesday, officials announced.

According to Clawson police, a Clawson High School student was observed talking to himself loudly and punching a fence on Wednesday evening. A witness reportedly said the student made comments that were threatening toward the schools.

It is currently unclear where this incident occurred.

Police say they were called to investigate, and found that the boy was in “crisis.” The student was taken to receive medical attention, and then was released back into police custody, officials said.

The teen has since been lodged at a juvenile facility, where “he will be held pending a review of the information that caused police interaction,” authorities wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

Clawson police will have a larger presence around Clawson Public Schools on Thursday, May 5, to help “put everyone at ease.” Officials say they are continuing to investigate, and that the community will be notified if any safety concerns arise.

No other details have been released at this time.

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