Violent road rage incident in Garden City ends in shots fired, innocent women killed in crash

Officials say the other driver involved is missing

Police are investigating a fatal road rage shooting incident in Garden City that sent an innocent woman to the hospital where she eventually died.

GARDEN CITY, Mich. – Police are investigating a fatal road rage shooting incident in Garden City that ended in shots fired and led to an innocent woman being killed in a crash.

The investigation is still underway, but you can see bullet holes in the driver’s side of the vehicle after looking at the truck seen in the video player above. The truck is one of what police believe are two vehicles involved in some sort of dispute that ended in a violent crash on the other side of Middlebelt Road.

“Originally, we received a call about reckless driving involving two vehicles,” said Sgt. Bruce Shippie.

At that time, things escalated as gunshots ranged out.

“We heard shots, like quite a few,” said two women who heard it all from their hair salon. “We heard six to 10 shots for sure.”

When the two women came out to look, they saw the wrecked pickup truck and one of the people involved.

“The man in the red T-shirt bolted across the street, ran fast, fell in the street, got up, continued to run behind the blue building, and then returned,” the women said.

Officials say the man was later taken into police custody. Garden City Police are still trying to sort out precisely what happened, but officials did say that the first call of reckless driving was followed by another call about an exchange of gunfire.

A father and daughter caught the tail end of the incident.

“It’s kind of scary to think that this could happen on our roads that we drive every day,” said the daughter.

Investigators arrived to find the truck with bullet holes on the driver’s side and a mangled blue car. Police say the woman driving was an innocent bystander who got caught in the middle.

First responders were able to pull the woman from her car, and then they transported her to the hospital.

“It’s heartbreaking because these were members of our community that are now either going to be traumatized or worse,” said the woman. “I hope everybody is ok, but looking at the damage, it’s hard to imagine what they’re going to be going through tonight.”

Officials say they are working on getting a description of that vehicle.

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