Scammers using letters to threaten Michigan residents with overdue tax debt

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The Michigan Department of Treasury wants to alert those with past-due tax debt to beware of letter scams.

According to the department, taxpayers are receiving a letter about overdue taxes with a toll-free number for residents to call to resolve the outstanding state tax debt. Officials say these letters are threatening to seize property including bank accounts, business assets, cars, real estate refunds and cash if the overdue debt is not paid off.

“We have received reports that taxpayers are receiving these letters,” said Deputy State Treasurer Glenn White, who oversees Treasury’s Revenue Services programs. “Taxpayers have rights. If you have questions about an outstanding state tax debt, please contact us through a verified number so we can talk about options.”

If you have received a letter from a scammer or have questions about your debt, it is highly encouraged to call the Treasury’s Collection Service Center at 517-636-5265.

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