🔒 Insider Debates: Which Detroit coney island is better -- American or Lafayette?

Dueling coney islands serve Detroit-style dogs right next to each other

Coney dog/Steven Depolo

DETROIT – It’s perhaps the most Detroit debate that exists.

Detroit coney dogs are, undoubtedly, the best variation of the coney island hot dog.

For those who aren’t aware, coney dogs in Detroit are made with beef hot dogs, preferably with a natural casing, are topped with a beef chili (no beans), mustard and diced white onions, and are served in a steamed bun. (And for those who still aren’t aware, please become aware. They’re delicious.)

While you can find a Detroit-style coney at any of the many coney island restaurants throughout the metropolitan area, the two most iconic restaurants serving up the dogs are in the heart of Downtown Detroit -- right next to each other.

American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island both sit where Michigan Avenue, Lafayette Boulevard and Griswold Street meet, greeting people on the street with their classic, tasty smells. The coney offerings are similar, but they aren’t quite the same.

We’re calling on WDIV Insiders who are Detroit coney dog eaters to help us settle a newsroom debate: Which Downtown Detroit coney island serves the best coney dogs, American or Lafayette?

Take the poll below and may the best coney win!

Introducing Insider Debates!

There are a lot of us here in the Local 4 newsroom, and you can bet we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. Whether it’s about food, pop culture or destinations, our newsroom debates can get pretty heated (usually just in jest ... usually).

So, we’ve decided to launch a new series that allows our most loyal viewers to offer their input and help us settle these debates once and for all.

We can’t promise that everyone in the newsroom will accept the majority opinion, but here’s hoping this series can bring us all some peace and closure.

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