37 guns, 10,000 bullets, crystal meth found inside Oakland County home -- here’s what we know

Denver Hensley Jr. faces long list of felony charges

Denver Hensley Jr. is facing charges for selling methamphetamine and possessing dozens of firearms. (WDIV)

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – A man is facing a long list of charges after dozens of guns, thousands of bullets, and several grams of crystal meth were found inside an Oakland County home, officials said.

Here’s what we know about this case.

Where did this happen?

The bust happened at a small home on a corner lot along Hecht Drive in Madison Heights.

A home on Hecht Drive in Madison Heights that was raided June 20, 2022. (WDIV)

Hecht Drive is in a neighborhood just to the southeast of the intersection of John R and 12 Mile roads. It’s northwest of the intersection of 11 Mile and Dequindre roads.

When was the bust?

Authorities said they raided the home Monday (June 20) after the owner sold methamphetamine to an undercover officer.

That transaction took place at the home, according to officials. The undercover officer said he saw a handgun.

What did they find?

Warren police said they found a “huge arsenal” inside the home that included 37 different kinds of firearms.

“There was over 10,000 rounds of ammunition seized -- that would include 24 crates of ammunition and also 100 individually loaded firearm magazines,” said Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer. “Imagine 10,000 rounds of ammunition: If this house would have caught fire or whatever, the damage it could’ve caused, maybe the death it could’ve caused, to innocent people living in the neighborhood.”

Officers said they also seized 35 grams of crystal meth, scales, packaging, and ledgers.

Guns and ammunition seized by Warren police during a June 20, 2022, bust at a Madison Heights home. (WDIV)
Guns seized by Warren police during a June 20, 2022, bust at a Madison Heights home. (WDIV)
Drugs seized by Warren police during a June 20, 2022, bust at a Madison Heights home. (WDIV)

Who was charged?

Denver Hensley Jr. appeared in front of a judge Tuesday afternoon in Warren.

“It was just a bad decision,” Hensley said. “I was trying to get to my disability attorney. I can’t even really walk, let alone stand, as my back is so bad.”

He wouldn’t say why he owned so many guns, but claimed he couldn’t pick them up anyway because of back pain.

Denver Hensley Jr. (WDIV)

“I can’t even pick up a gun or even hold a gun, I’m so hurt,” Hensley said.

Hensley is facing a long list of charges, including felony firearm violations and four counts of selling methamphetamine.

He’s being held on $100,000 bond.

Here’s Shawn Ley’s full story:

A big bust in a Madison Heights home, as police say neighbors had no idea they were living next to a man with drugs, dozens of guns, and thousands of rounds of ammo. The man appeared in court Tuesday, and Local 4 cameras were in court late Tuesday afternoon in Warren.

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