Dearborn police say mini bikes are dangerous and they will seize them if they’re on city streets

Mini bikes have small, but powerful engines

Dearborn officers are cracking down on these mini bikes they see all around town. Police say they're too dangerous to be on city streets. Police say children are getting hurt on the motorized bikes, and they're warning parents about the dangers and threatening to seize them if they see them.

DEARBORN, Mich.Police in Dearborn said mini bikes are too dangerous to be on city streets.

Mini bikes are small but have powerful engines that can go up to 90 miles per hour. Residents are also sick of the dangerous driving going on.

Police said children are getting hurt on motorized bikes. Police are warning parents about the dangers and threatening to seize them if they see them being used.

“We have received numerous complaints from residents regarding juveniles and adults utilizing these mini bikes and motorized vehicles in our neighborhoods and around our parks,” Cpl. Dan Bartok said.

Mini bikes have to be registered with the Secretary of State, many are not. They need brake lights and turn signals, which many do not have. Most are not street legal. Police began seizing the bikes over the past few days.

So far, 20 mini bikes have already been impounded. The police chief said the No. 1 complaint he hears is about dangerous driving.

“Young kids on these in the city, they’re gonna -- vehicles will be impounded and the parents could be written tickets for parental responsibility and unregistered motor vehicles. The consequences could be high -- not to mention I don’t wanna see any kids getting hurt on these things,” Bartok said.

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