Former Atwater owner launches craft non-alcoholic beverage line in Michigan

New drink brand offers 6 different flavors

FUL energy drink alternatives (FÜL Beverage)

DETROIT – Former Atwater Owner and Veteran Brewer Mark Rieth announced Wednesday the launch of “FÜL”, a craft non-alcoholic beverage line that’ll be popping up on retailer shelves this month.

These non-alcoholic craft beverages are sports drinks and non-alcoholic alternatives that come in six flavors. “FÜL” has low calories and two of the six flavors have the beer taste without the alcohol.

Below are the featured beverages of the brand

Nonalcoholic beers:

  • NA IPA
  • Feel Better Blonde

Below are the alternative energy drink flavors


  • Savage Berry
  • Lit Blood Orange


  • Recovery Pineapple Coconut
  • Rehab+ Cherry
FUL non-alcoholic beer (FÜL Beverage)

“Unlike most sports drinks, we use all-natural flavors and no preservatives. The pre-workout drinks ditch the unhealthy sugars and use natural coffee-berry caffeine and are lower in calories versus their counterparts,” stated Rieth in a press release. “The post-workout drinks are caffeine-free and include electrolytes and Vitamin B to help your body recover. There’s also a CBD-infused post-workout drink with added restorative powers. It’s a healthier and more hydrating way to replace lost water in your body.”

According to a press release, these initial six flavors are just the start of a developing non-alcoholic concept. “We have plenty more innovative products and ideas coming,” writes Rieth. “We see FÜL as the beginning of a cultural statement, where company and customer join together on a quest to find the Zen in life. I’m excited to begin this new journey, with my continued commitment to quality and my absolute dedication to Detroit and Michigan.”

The two non-alcoholic beers are available in six-packs for $13.99 and the four alternative energy drinks are available in 12-packs starting at $29.99.

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