đź”’ Survey results: The best French fries in Metro Detroit, according to Local 4 viewers

Survey finds fast food, chain restaurants named the most

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DETROIT – For National French Fries Day, we asked our WDIV Insiders to tell us where the best fries can be found in Metro Detroit -- and the winner couldn’t be clearer.

More than 500 WDIV Insiders responded to our survey Tuesday, telling us where their favorite fries are located, and what their favorite style of fries are. While our region is home to a variety of unique restaurants serving up stylized fries, our viewers’ favorites stuck to the basics: fast food.

The top choice for French fries in Metro Detroit? McDonald’s.

Nearly 100 respondents named the fast food chain as their go-to when a hankering for fries arrives -- though several people mentioned that the McD’s fries must be fresh, hot and properly salted to reach their full potential.

The other top picks follow a similar vein, with fast food and common chain restaurants being named the most.

Here are the other top establishments with the best fries, according to our viewers:

  • Five Guys, with 53 votes
  • Red Robin, with 26 votes
  • HopCat, with 21 votes
  • Checkers, with 17 votes
  • Arby’s, with 16 votes
  • Wendy’s, with 11 votes

Honorable mentions:

  • Penn Station, with 9 votes
  • Culver’s, with 8 votes
  • Green Dot Stables, with 8 votes
  • Burger King, with 8 votes
  • Chik-fil-A, with 7 votes

As for the best style of French fries, our viewers once again stuck to the basics: 40.6% said that standard cut fries are their favorite.

Shoestring-style French fries came in second place, securing 19.8% of the vote. Coming after shoestring were steak cut fries with 15% of the vote, crinkle cut fries at 8.3%, curly fries at 7.9%, and waffle fries and sweet potatoes coming in last.

WDIV Insiders share their favorite French fry style in a 2022 survey. (WDIV)

Personally, I’m all about the shoestring style. Especially if they’re from Green Dot Stables in Downtown Detroit -- their truffle fries are awesome.

The rest of the Local 4 News team shared their favorite spots for fries in Metro Detroit, too. They each make a pretty decent case for the ultimate fries in our area.

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