Sheriff’s office introduces 2 more pups to Oakland County’s Comfort K9 Unit

Their names are Sadie, Wildcat

Oakland County Comfort Pups (Oakland County Sheriff’s Office)

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office introduced two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Sadie and Wildcat, to the K9 Comfort Unit on Monday.

The comfort unit for Oakland County now has a total of eight. According to a press release, two more spaniels will join the unit in about two months.

“They are very intuitive. Also, this has been a super stressful couple of years for our people, and you can see the amazing impact on them as well,” states Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard in a press release.

Oakland County comfort pups (Oakland County Sheriff’s Office)

The comfort unit was formed three years ago, and the dogs are assigned to school resource deputies in several communities throughout Oakland County.

“I underestimated what the dogs bring to a scene, the tremendous ability they have to comfort, bring happiness and joy to an environment that is nothing but stress,” stated Captain Todd Hill.

These comfort dogs range in age and can be found from public events to natural disaster scenes.

Oakland County Comfort Pups (Oakland County Sheriff’s Office)