Judge denies defense’s motion in Stislicki murder case; next court date scheduled

Judge ‘satisfied’ that defense has all discovery materials, orders case to move forward

Floyd Galloway Jr. at his sentencing on Dec. 8, 2017. (WDIV)

Floyd Galloway, the man charged in the believed murder of Danielle Stislicki, appeared for a virtual motion hearing Wednesday morning.

Galloway’s attorneys were requesting the judge to wave prosecutors’ privileged information and materials, arguing that it’s possible they don’t have access to all of the discovery relevant to the case. The Oakland County Circuit Court judge denied the defense’s motion Wednesday and said she felt confident that the attorneys are in possession of all necessary materials and that they have been for at least one year.

Prosecutors at the hearing called the defense’s move “textbook fishing,” despite the discovery having been turned over some time ago.

The motion comes amid an ongoing battle over evidence between the prosecution and defense. In June, a defense attorney argued that there has been a “long-term and widespread campaign to keep information from the defense.” A tip stemming from a polygraph test taken by Galloway has specifically caused controversy within the case.

You can watch the entire Aug. 17 hearing in the video player below.

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The next court date has been tentatively scheduled for Oct. 12, and is subject to change. It is currently unclear exactly what this convening will include. The defense has been asked to file any desired motions regarding evidence suppression within the next four weeks.

Galloway was ordered to stand trial for Stislicki’s murder in September 2019, nearly three years after the 28-year-old woman went missing in December 2016. The man worked as a security guard where Stislicki worked before she disappeared.

In 2019, prosecutors pulled out phone records putting Galloway and Stislicki together the night she went missing. They also had surveillance video showing Galloway near Stislicki’s home and evidence of a “how to pass a polygraph” search on Galloway’s computer.

A handwriting expert and 45 exhibits were used to create probable cause that Galloway had a plan of murder. The missing woman’s body has still not been found, but Stislicki’s parents said they don’t believe prosecutors need her remains to reach a guilty verdict in the case.

Galloway is set to appear in court again for a motion hearing on Wednesday, Aug. 17. He was last in court on Aug. 5, which was his first court appearance since the prosecution and defense battled over his polygraph test results.

Watch the entire Aug. 17 hearing in the video player below.

Floyd Galloway appeared virtually for a motion hearing Wednesday morning in the case of Danielle Stislicki's murder. Here is the entire hearing.

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