Flying car put to test at Detroit City Airport

Half dozen companies talked about the George Jetson car

DETROIT – This year at the North American International Auto Show, it’s not all about the ground-based automobiles with four wheels as a sneak peek at the unique aircraft was shown at noon.

A half dozen companies were talking about the George Jetson car (if you are old enough to remember who he was).

The aircraft comes in small and large packages, but the flying car must fly first, which is why it was being tested at the Detroit City Airport.

You’ll never forget the first time you saw an actual flying car. The XTURISMO opens up a whole new world of commuter possibilities.

Sean Borman runs Aero Auto and hopes to start selling the hoverbike soon.

“Either at a personal use machine or a vehicle like this that has so much functional applications like police, fire, medical rescue, public works, and public service,” said Borman.

The company allowed Detroit Fire Department Captain James Davis to try it out.

“Nice and smooth,” said Davis. “I ride a Harley anyway, so it was like riding a motorcycle up in the air.”

Aerospace Experience Technologies (ASX) had a booth inside Huntington Place, and they gave their opinion on the new tech.

“We’ve got to do something different,” said ASX CEO Jon Rimanelli. “Traffic is taking over our lives.”

Rimanelli is from Detroit, and he builds his massive cargo plane truck at the city airport.

“1,200 horsepower, 6,600 foot-pounds of torque, more torque than 12 brand new Corvettes,” Rimanelli said. “I mean, this thing’s a beast. It’s got some real power, and it’ll fly zero to 150 miles an hour in under eight seconds. This thing’s a rocket.”

The hoverbike was a revelation at the Detroit City Airport.

Rod Meloni: Do you see yourself riding this to work one day?

Davis: No. I got 14 days, and I’m retired.

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