Metro Detroit high schoolers turning up the noise with a poetry slam at this year’s auto show

Poetry slam begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday

Detroit high school students will be performing live at this year's 'Roc the Mic: Poetry Slam.'

DETROIT – Several Metro Detroit high schools are sharing the mic at the NAIAS this weekend.

Six winners from the InsideOut Literary Arts 2022 Performance Troupe will showcase their poetry at the Toyota Booth in Huntington Place at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

The troupe is part of an after-school program that provides teenagers with writing workshops, publications and performance opportunities. According to a news release, Milo Borsodi, Samer Budair, Stella Hughes, Efrain Rivera and Noelle Taylor are the winners performing Saturday afternoon.

“It’s like everybody is watching me for that one moment. I get to share with them part of my mind that I don’t usually share with people, sort of like my deeper thoughts,” said InsideOut Literary Arts participant Stella Hughes.

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“Our mission really is to inspire and equip young people to think critically, create bravely and share their voices with the world,” said InsideOut Literary Arts Executive Director Suma Rosen.

Click here to learn more about InsideOut Literary Arts.

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