What is the most annoying thing someone can do on an airplane? Take our poll

What’s worse, a crying baby or a seat kicker?


The Vacationer conducted a survey to find out what people in the U.S. believe are the worst airplane etiquette violations.

The anonymous survey polled just over 1,000 American adults and was conducted online at the beginning of August 2022.

The results will grind your gears just thinking about any of these happening to you.

Here are the results:

1. Kicking the back of your seat59.11%
2. Drunk and disruptive59.11%
3. Smells from poor hygiene or too much cologne/perfume48%
4. Inattentive parents / poor parenting46.81%
5. Eating pungent or foul-smelling foods39.80%
6. Hogging the armrest39.07%
7. Reclines the seat fully in front of you38.25%
8. Talks too much29.87%
9. Boards or deplanes out of turn29.60%
10. Listens to music/movies too loudly or without headphones28.96%
11. Takes off shoes23.59%
12. Flirting with you, other passengers, or flight attendants21.89%
13. Gets up to use the restroom or stretch too much19.95%
14. Uses overhead bin space many rows in front of their seat18.12%
15. Overly affectionate couples14.12%
16. Requests too much from or is rude to flight attendants13.02%
17. None of these11.57%

We want to know what you think, take the survey below to tell us what the worst airplane etiquette violation is:

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